When you deploy molgenis to a server, the server's firewall will shield the services from unauthorized access.

When you're running on a development machine, you'll want to disallow access to the database and ElasticSearch index you are running to non-localhost clients.


Provide the following configuration items as Runtime Properties when running from your IDE tomcat or when running integration tests in maven:

Firewall settings

If your firewall settings are based on the executables you run, instead on ports you open/close:

Disallow java, and postgres to open incoming connections in your firewall.


On macbook, you can do this as follows

  • Apple, System preferences, Security and privacy,
    • FileVault -> turn it on!
    • Firewall -> turn it on, go to Firewall options
      • Java processes, all of them -> Block incoming connections
      • postgres -> Block incoming connections
      • Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections -> uncheck

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