Schedule jobs


A scheduled job is a job that is scheduled to run at specific moments in time. The Scheduled Jobs plugin allows you to schedule jobs. You can find it in the Admin menu, under Scheduled Jobs. The table at the top shows you all of the scheduled jobs on your server.

Add a scheduled job

You can add a new scheduled job by pressing the green plus button and filling in the form. The parameters field of the form should be entered as a JSON object, with a name-value pair for each parameter. The format of the JSON depends on the type of the job you're scheduling. The job type determines what will happen when the job is triggered.

File ingest

Downloads and imports data from a CSV file to a single existing table. The file's columns should match the table's attribute names.


name description
url URL to download the file to ingest from
loader Loader to use to ingest the file, currently only CSV is allowed
targetEntityId ID of the table to import to

So for example:

  "url"            : "http://filesource.mydomain.example/city.csv",
  "loader"         : "CSV",
  "targetEntityId" : "base_city"


Runs an existing Script, defined in the Script plugin.


name description
name The name of the Script to run
parameters A String containing a JSON object describing the Script parameters.

So for instance, to run a Script named "concat" with parameters a = "foo" and b="bar, you'd fill in

  "name"       : "concat",
  "parameters" : "{\"a\" : \"foo\", \"b\" : \"bar\"}"


Runs an existing Mapping Service project.


name description
mappingProjectId The ID of the mapping project
targetEntityTypeId The ID of the created table, may be an existing table
addSourceAttribute Indicates if a source attribute should be added to the table, ignored when mapping to an existing table
packageId The ID of the target package, ignored when mapping to an existing table
label The label of the target table, ignored when mapping to an existing table

For instance:

    "mappingProjectId": "<mapping project id>",
    "targetEntityTypeId": "new_target_entity",
    "packageId": "base",
    "label": "Scheduled Mapping Job Target",
    "addSourceAttribute": true

Amazon Bucket file ingest

Files stored in an Amazon Bucket can be imported automatically using a Bucket Job.


name description
bucket the name of the bucket to download from
key the key for the file you wish to download from the bucket
expression boolean stating if the key was filled out as an exact match or a regular expression. If the key is an expression the most recent matching file is imported.
accessKey the access key from your amazon bucket account
secretKey the secret key from your amazon bucket account
region the region in which the amazon bucket is located
targetEntityId the name of the table to import to, this is an optional field used for files that have a different sheet name instead of the targeted entityType
extension file extension, this is an optional paramater that is needed in case of a different format than excel

For example:

    "bucket":"[BUCKET NAME]",

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