MOLGENIS offers a questionnaire module which can present a questionnaire to users. These questionnaires are defined in our EMX format. Each questionnaire can be filled in once, and generates one row of data in a table used to collect the questionnaires that where submitted.

Minimal example

download simple questionnaire example. Import this xlsx file via the standard import wizard

The above example showcases a very simple questionnaire. It asks for your age, and if you are 18 or older the question "Do you have a drivers license" will appear.

To start creating your own questionnaire, you will need to have few fields specifically defined in your EMX in order for it to work

EMX sheets

'entities' sheet

name description extends label
questionnaire name questionnaire description sys_Questionnaire questionnaire label

The questionnaire has to extend the sys_Questionnaire table. This is an indicator for MOLGENIS to show this questionnaire in the list of all questionnaires.

Visible expressions

The cool feature in the questionnaire module is that you can show certain questions based on the answer given on other questions. You do this by using the Javascript Magma syntax to create an expression inside the visible column (See driverslicence in the simple questionnaire example).

Questionnaire timestamp on submit

MOLGENIS will automatically add a submit date for you when you submit a questionnaire. So keep in mind that you do not have to manually add a question relating to submit dates.

Using Questionnaire data

You can access the questionnaire results through the data explorer. Go to the data explorer and look for the (in our case) Simple Questionnaire table.

This table contains the answers for all the users that filled in the questionnaire.

Configure PDF report

After submitting a questionnaire users can download a PDF report of their data. All questions and answers that were provided will be presented nicely formatted in this report.
This PDF report has an optional intro text and logo. To provide these, an extra attribute, with the name "report_header" should be added to the questionnaire. This attribute should be of datatype "xref" with as refEntity a table that specifies the "intro" and "logo". To have the same logo and intro for each participant, use the defaultValue option to specify the data row in the config table. Example structure:


name entity dataType idAttribute labelAttribute defaultValue refEntity label partOfAttribute
id demo_report_header string TRUE TRUE
intro-en demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
intro-nl demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
intro-fr demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
intro-de demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
intro-es demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
intro-it demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
intro-pt demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
logo demo_report_header text FALSE FALSE
id demo_questionnaire string AUTO FALSE
report_header demo_questionnaire xref FALSE FALSE demo_report_header
questions demo_questionnaire compound FALSE FALSE
question1 demo_questionnaire bool FALSE FALSE Do you think this questionnaire is quite small? questions

The intro should be some text information about the PDF report. The logo should be a data URL (and therefore is of type text).

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