The MOLGENIS Appstore

The MOLGENIS appstore allows you to write your own web-based applications and upload them as a MOLGENIS plugin at runtime.

The main menu

When opening the Apps plugin for the first time, you will see an empty screen with a button for creating a new app.

Press the button to get the following screen

App creation form

Start filling in the form

Item Description
Name The name of your app
Description A description about your app
Icon URL A URL to an icon which will give some character to your app inside the appstore
Resource zip file A bundle of HTML, JS, and CSS. These resources can be pointed at via the last form item. Example app bundle
Landing page HTML template The HTML page that will be opened on App click or via a Menu item. Example HelloWorld HTML, Example EntityTypeOverview HTML

You can create a new HTML landing page by pressing the '+' button.

HTML creation form

Example of a fully filled out form

Filled form

Now that you filled out the form you can activate and deactivate the app by pressing the activate / deactivate button


When an app is active, click on the icon to go to your previously created HTML landing page template:

Landing page

Purpose of the App store

The appstore allows you to create your own web-applications, and place them inside any running MOLGENIS which has the appstore plugin. If you want to create a custom web application to go with your custom data model, you can write your JS/HTML to display the data in such a way that it fits your needs.

Using REST api calls, you can access data that was previously imported, and use fancy JS magic to create the ultimate data visualisation apps


Apps are stored in the database. If you do not properly version or backup your own apps, then a server crash or a database drop WILL delete your app. Be smart, backup your apps.

We use GitHub for code management and versioning. We can highly recommend GitHub for any coding project you might start working on.

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